Russian E-File Foundations 3 Day Course - Sydney

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Russian E-File (Combi) Foundations is a 3 day in-person course that teaches you the foundations of e-file manicure techniques that will ensure your work is always safe, clean and beautiful 😍 Groups are limited to 4 students so that every student receives a personal approach for best results.

There will be supervised practice on models throughout the course

to start you off with a portfolio of your work. You will not be practicing on tips or on your own nails as this will not give you the adequate practise or correct technique to begin working on clients) 

This course is suitable for you if you:

▶️ want to start a new career in nail technology

▶️ are a working nail artist who wants to take their career to the next level 🆙

▶️ are an experienced nail artist who wants to return to nail technology with a competitive edge

▶️ have tried e-file courses previously but don’t feel that your work is to its full potential

The course will cover:

- Disinfection and Sterilisation: safe and legal working practices

- Nail technician health and safety

- Anatomy: the structure of the nail and skin

- Diseases, illness and conditions of the nail and skin

- Different nail and skin types and how to work with them

- Safe methods for filing and shaping natural nails and nail enhancements

- Instruments and equipment used in e-file manicure

- Combined manicure technique (e-file + cuticle cutters✂️)

▪️ Correct and safe product removal with an e-file

▪️ Safe, clean cuticle work

▪️ Preparation of the nail plate

▪️ Choosing the correct base for different nail types to ensure long-lasting results

▪️ Gel application

▪️ Correct architecture and perfect line of light

▪️ Most popular, simple yet effective designs

▪️ Nail repair

▪️ Analysis of errors and mistakes commonly made by nail technicians 

▪️ Taking the perfect photo 


All tools, equipment and materials are provided by us. All models will be organised by us. All you need to successfully complete the training program is a good mood, and a big desire to learn!


Instructor: Elizaveta Gulyakova (Kova Nails)

Location: Sydney, NSW

Group size: 4 maximum

Duration: 3 days 10am-6pm

Price$1850 per person